Tips for care equipment after surfing.

Tips for care equipment after surfing.

Tips for care equipment after surfing.

Some rituals punctuate your surfing sessions, before going to the water but also out of the water. Surfboard, wetsuit, accessories do not let your gear and surf equipment drag after the session behind you. Information for your health, but also for the maintenance of your equipment.

1. Do not leave your plane in full sun

Once the session is over, think of putting away in the minutes following your surfboard in its anti-UV cover. And if you plan to rest on the beach before returning the cover, find a shadow for you and your board and put your board on your cover if you will soon be back in the water. But position it upside down so that the wax does not melt.

2. Cleaning surfboard

Before slipping your surfboard in its cover, remember to clean it with clear the water, under the beach shower for example. Why? Simply to remove the sand from your deck before your surfboard dries. Nothing is more unpleasant (and ugly) than to find and stuck on the wax during the next session!

If your beach is devoid of showers, opt for the practical solution: a portable solar shower. And exit the fear of getting grilled when you get back to the office with salty hair and face covered with a solar stick

3. Do not wrap around the leash

It is a habit for many surfers, to quickly forget!

If you wrap your leash around your board when you have finished surfing, your leash will tend to keep that shape. Afterward, he could twist around the tail, a drift or your feet.

Furthermore winding your leash around drifts will eventually create micro cracks on the tube of your leash, and therefore, a few sessions later, its premature break.

4. Using Surf Board

Get in the habit of storing your surfboard in its cover when leaving your session. The seats of your car and your board will thank you. Indeed, salt water and sticky wax are all elements that contribute to the deterioration of your cabin. As for your surfboard, it will be protected from both the sun and any impact during transport.

5. Change with a poncho

Although your body is sculpted after hours of surfing session, be aware that showing off naked on the parking lot only gathers a small part of followers of the surfing community. Others more cautious, try somehow to keep their towel around their waist when removing their wetsuit neoprene, in a draft of fresh air.

The surf poncho! Ideal for changing out of sight and protect from the cold, this is the must after the accessory session.

6. Use a bag or tray to transport

We will not lie: taking off your wetsuit is never a pleasure. But this is not a reason to trample on the gravels of the car park! Instead, use a combination bag or bin that, in addition to protecting your wetsuit from snagging at the time of stripping, will help to protect your car boot from salt water disruption.