How to Remove Surfboard Wax

How to Remove Surfboard Wax

The surfboard wax is good but having a well-waxed board is better. After a while, it accumulates and it is sometimes wise to remove it to start from scratch. A board that talks. And by dint of the water all the time before going surfing, the new wax is added to the old one and ends up forming a big candle, plus a board.
So you think to remove all the wax and put a new layer. Yes but just like me you’ve never done it before and you wonder if there is something special to do. For having just done yesterday for the first time, here is a procedure that I found on the net and some beginner tips.

1. Install your surfboard in a place that does not fear anything. If you can not be outside, place it on a tarpaulin, a towel, your mother-in-law, something that is not afraid.
2. Remove most of the wax using a wax comb or spatula that will not damage the board.
3. Soak a rag of F-petrol and rub where it is left.
4. Rinse the board with fresh water.
5. That’s it, your board will be completely free of its old skin.
6. You can now give a new layer of wax.

Why is it important of surfboard wax?

If surfers wax their board, it is to make it slip-resistant and avoid slipping when they stand on it. They evidently only waxed the upper surface of their board. There are also many types of wax and we will choose its wax depending on the temperature of the water in which we intend to surf.

The wax comb, with its small teeth, makes it possible to draw furrows in the wax already deposited on the board and, thus, to increase the adhesion and prolong the life of it. The wax comb also allows as we said earlier, to remove the wax when it has aged too much.

It is therefore very important to renew the wax of its board when it begins to age, to maintain its anti-slip qualities. If you do not remove the old layer of wax, the new layer of wax will be less effective and the board may be damaged. Also, remember that board too slippery can become dangerous if it falls too often the surfer who uses it.