SUP ATX Race Fin, Black, 9.25″

If you are looking SUP ATX Race Fin, Black, 9.25″ of surfboard fins. Best surfboard fins in favorite stand up paddle board can play a huge role in your performance on that board. Cheap & Fins for Sale.


SUP ATX Race Fin, Black, 9.25
Surfboard fins have the raise is very important in the choice of your fins. I recommence  SUP ATX Race Fin, Black, 9.25″ for sale. The drift (or drift) in surfing, also called fin is located under the surfboard. They provide control of the board, they can also be a factor of stability. Depending on their shapes, sizes or materials, they can influence the behavior of the board.

What are the criteria to consider choosing fins?

The raise is very important in the choice of your fins. It will allow you to make beautiful turns without losing your speed. Depending on the width and length of the base of your fin, it will give you speed or not (a wide base offers while a thinner and shorter will not offer).

The catch is the second most important point in your decision. The bigger your fin, the less you will skid in the waves. In longboard for example, with a large flap, you can not skid or turn quickly.

Finally, the penetration will allow you to make more or less tight turns. A lying fin will bring a longer turn while a vertical will provide tighter turns.

Think safe!

You now know perfectly which wing will be ideal for your favorite board. But beware, in the water, you’re not alone do you know that the fins are responsible for half of the accidents in Surf? Bet on fins with soft edges, especially if you do not have the perfect control of your board!

Small or big fins for more stability in the stand-up paddle?

The choice of the size of the fins for your stand up paddle is a question that you ask yourself regularly, here are some answers.

If you are a little stable in your paddle surf or race, you can reduce the size of drift s. Isolated, it seems logical to put greater excesses to gain stability, but in the global context of the practice, it is not necessarily the right solution. For example, in case of lateral imbalance, you can try to compensate by relying on the opposite side of the imbalance. But on a small volume of a board, using the propeller effect to go up is much more effective.

Large drifts help to have fewer imbalances, but when the imbalance occurs, small drifts are easier to manage to return to balance. It’s more manageable and more nervous. Often people confuse the effects of a drift with those of a keel and its ballast.


On a flat paddle race or ride and if you want to go straight you can have a big fin.
With a lot of chops or a race start with 600 people like the Nautic of Paris, take a small fin to control more easily the imbalance.

SUP ATX Race Fin, Black, 9.25″ in surfboard fins category. We have fins for shortboards and longboards. The choice of surfboard fins depends on several factors, including the size, level, and surf waves.