Solarez Unisex Polyester Pro Travel Kit

If you are looking Solarez Unisex Polyester Pro Travel Kit of surfboard wax. Surfboard wax is a formulation of natural and/or synthetic wax for application to the deck of a surfboard, bodyboard, skimboard, to keep the surfer from slipping off the board when paddling out or riding a wave.


How to choose the wax for your surfboard

How to choose the wax for your surfboard: The wax or paraffin ensures a good grip on the board. Let’s know better to choose the perfect one for our surfboard.

The first wax to be used for surfboards was back in 1930 and it was none other than the wax of the candles burned on the board. In the 60s some hands decided to add oil to the composition to soften the paraffin. Subsequently, beeswax was used to achieve greater adherence. Today’s wax uses more advanced oils, alcohol, and resins, but the goal remains the same: to achieve maximum adhesion.

Marketing has added its grain of sand with more striking colors, more attractive designs and varied scents to distinguish it from the competition.

With all this wide market it is difficult to decide on a single pill, so we will take the water temperature in which we will surf as a basic criterion.

Thus, the wax of the tables can be classified according to the different climates and conditions:

Wax for tropical water

Let’s start with one of the most incredible scenarios for the practice of this sport: the tropics. In these paradises the water temperature can reach 23ºC, so the ideal wax is that specific for the tropics. This wax will remain hard and strong on the table in the middle of this warm environment. This wax is perfect for Puerto Rico or the Maldives but it will be hard and slip in cooler waters.

Wax for hot water

As the temperature goes down and up to 23ºC, this wax will remain firm and adhered in waters such as the Mediterranean, or the Cantabrico in summer.

Wax for warm water

The following classification tries to be more precise to get a more compact wax in the table in different temperatures. It is ideal for waters between 14-19ºC. When the summer has been fired and the beaches have been emptied, it may be a good time to make the transition to autumn or a good all-round wax in temperate places.

Wax for cold water

This wax is intended for waters whose temperature is below 15ºC. The idea is make this mixture stay smooth and sticky even in cool situations where the traditional wax would stay hard and smooth. But as in that case, this wax melts and becomes very slippery in hot waters.

The base

The base is a type of wax that is applied on the new table or without waxing to ensure a better grip and effectiveness of the paraffin. The idea is based on newly purchased or newly cleaned boards. The surfer should apply this base to allow a better adherence of the wax. However, many do not use it or believe it necessary because sometimes the difference is imperceptible, so it may only be due to a strategy to sell more waxes.

Not all waxes are the same and there is a large number of marks that make the choice difficult. The most recognized and traditional are Sex Wax and Sticky Bumps, successfully tested. But perhaps you are among those who choose to support local or small trade and you decide on less known or ecological ones. If you are still confused, try them or consult other surfers in your area can help. And Good Waves!