NIXY All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package. Ultra Light 10’6″ Board Built with Advanced Fusion Laminated Dropstitch Technology and 2 YR Warranty

If you are looking NIXY All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package. Ultra Light 10’6″ Board Built with Advanced Fusion Laminated Dropstitch Technology and 2 YR Warranty of Paddle Board Leash. SUP leash or Paddle Board Leash is a crucial part of your stand up paddle boarding set up. The SUP leash connects you to your board and is an extremely important part of your board equipment and my store have more stand up paddle board leashes are perfect for keep you attached to your board all water sport.


The Surfboard Leash

The Surfboard Leash

A Leash connects the board to the surfer’s leg and is sometimes called the “life insurance” of a surfer. Who a leash with a large swell and/or strong current rips, who may be a big problem because it does not require either simple surfboard with the waves on the shore, nor to swim without surfboard against a strong current. So you should look for in a leash on high quality and replace it regularly.

Elements of a Leash

A leash is made of several parts: The strap is attached to the ankle, should be sufficiently padded. There are exceptions for special Longboard Leashes where the strap is attached above the knee to facilitate special maneuvers. On a Leash Strap Release for a quick loosening of the straps should be attached from the leg. The cord (cord) of the leash is connected via a (Single Swivel) or two (double Swivel) pivots with the other parts of the leash. Is then on the side of surfboards nor the Rail Saver and the cord, which is attached to the leash plug of surfboards.

The Strap / Cuff

The strap or cuff of a leash should be sufficiently padded and have enough contact area. It consists mostly of nylon, padding. Some straps have also still a Key Pocket, but where one course should not keep the remote control key.

The Leash Release

These should be designed so that the surfers can solve the leash even in emergency situations quickly from the leg. Such an emergency may be, for example, if the cord gets stuck in a coral reef. Here, there are significant differences in quality surfboard leashes. Some manufacturers so a just a little-pleated nylon strap here, other manufacturers use a larger and stiffer tissue ring, bringing the leash can be opened quickly and easily in an emergency.

The Leash Cord

The cord is mostly made of polyurethane and has different strengths depending on the version. As standard, you can see a diameter of 6mm or 7mm. Leashes with 8mm or more can be found in the Big Wave range, leashes with less than 6mm in the Competition section.
A special case is the Spiral Cord leashes. You can find the shortbread surfing and river surfing their use. The main advantage is the lower resistance (drag) in the water because the leash is not braking like an anchor in the water here

The Rotary Joints / Swivels

Here one differentiates between Single Swivel Leashes that only one joint – mostly on Strap – have double and Swivel Leashes with a joint on the strap and the Rail Saver. The Swivels should be of stainless steel and can be moved easily. The Swivels prevent twisting of Leash cord.

The Rail Saver

The Rail Sauer sits at the end of the leash. Here the Leash is fixed, that is pulled on the other side by the Leash plug on board. The Leash should always be as short as possible so that it can not cut the Rails. The Rail Saver can be opened with a Velcro closure and finish, so you can attach the Leash.