Naish Mana GTW Series Stand-Up Paddleboard

If you are looking Naish Mana GTW Series Stand-Up Paddleboard of standup paddle boards. SUP or standup paddle boards offers a fun way to play on the water, with the added benefit of a full-body workout of water sport.

How to Choose Stand Up Paddle Board

How to Choose to Stand Up Paddle Board: Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a very accessible sport or leisure. No need to have a perfect balance or an athlete’s condition to get started. But how to choose paddle boarding?

A paddle board is chosen primarily based on its use. Once this last set, we can look at the features of the model to narrow the choices.


For the ride, you need a board Stand Up Paddle versatile. But who said versatile does not mean efficient. Quite large.


race boards are long, narrow planks. Often thick little wide, it offers less lateral stability. Their tapered bow and V hull offer little resistance to the wind. High performance in a straight line, they are not too handy.


The paddle allows surfing or at least changes in waves. This requires a shortboard, handy and fairly stable.

Important features of a paddle:

The length :

A plank is long more it goes quickly. On the downside, the longer it is, the less it is manageable.

The width :

A large board will be more stable. But it also drags the water is going slower. To work the muscles of the buttocks, do not take too wide plank …

Volume :

A paddleboard must be fitting with your weight. The volume consists of buoyancy. And do not forget that sometimes you will appreciate taking your child with you.


One rear spoiler enough to embark on the paddle. To go right, we will place the most backward in the case. To gain maneuverability to go in waves, we can advance it.

To begin, remove the two side wings (when present). If necessary, choose a longer fin to the center fin. It promotes the lateral stability of the board. A larger spoiler gives you more lateral stability. A good spoiler for measuring ride between 22 and 28 cm.

Rigid or inflatable?

Rigid boards are more efficient (better penetration), but also more fragile and a lot bulkier an inflatable paddle. Some over 4 m, the total length of a beautiful car. Inflatable SUP is lighter and deflates to fit into a bag. But their more rounded forms offer more wind resistance.