Jimmy Styks 11′ 2″ Hybrid 208 Stand Up Paddle Board Bundle

If you are looking Jimmy Styks 11′ 2″ Hybrid 208 Stand Up Paddle Board Bundle of standup paddle boards. SUP or standup paddle boards offers a fun way to play on the water, with the added benefit of a full-body workout of water sport.

What inflatable paddle for this summer?

What inflatable paddle for this summer?: The practice of paddle grows more and more, both on the lake, calm sea, or surf everyone finds the paddle that suits him! Today it is even easier to transport, store, discover the latest inflatable paddles.

How to choose the right paddle?

What is important is the size of it and therefore its volume, usually a 10’6 “is a versatile size is 10’6” with a large volume that brings you stability, a smaller size will be suitable for small templates and surfers because less volume but more manageable, while a larger favors stability maneuverability course your template is taken into account.

How to choose a paddle: Sup surfing, walking, running

Once you have tasted the stand-up paddle fun also called SUP you will run to buy one! But not easy to navigate through the different proposed models. To find the right board, you need to think about using that you will do.

The different types of the paddle

The paddle for surfing

The stand up paddle for surfing is generally narrower, shorter, lighter and the rear and thinner nose. They are designed for quick turns and are mainly used by experienced surfers. Its boards are not designed for long distances because much less stable it is difficult to keep a straight trajectory.

This type of practice requires physical preparation as for surfers because the gestures are much more violent.

For a stroll in the paddle (Touring):

These versatile boards are usually much broader, longer. Their size and volume make them significantly more stable than the wave boards. Perfect if you spend your time paddling in calm waters on lakes or sea outside the surf zone.

The inflatable paddle finished transportation problems:

The inflatable SUP arrived to solve specific problems in storage and transportation. Many people live in apartments or have little spacious cars, these boards are their adapted. The much lighter inflatable paddle is easy to carry storage bag. The inflatable SUP overalls are used in rivers because unlike the rigid SUP they are not fragile and can go on the rocks.

FYI: The complete packages for inflatable SUP exist (board, pump, paddle, bag transport), they are convenient because you can take it everywhere with you to discover the joys of skiing.

Paddle for the race:

The race paddle is increasingly present, create new competitions worldwide. Much longer and narrow with a pointed nose, they are equipped with large fins to keep a straight path. The basic idea is: the longer the paddle is long and narrow, the more it slips, the more it goes quickly. A narrow SUP also allows to row more effectively because your upper body moves less to paddle but attention is much less stable.