HALA GEAR Hala Rival Asana 10’6 SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

If you are looking HALA GEAR Hala Rival Asana 10’6 SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package of inflatable standup paddle boards. SUP or inflatable standup paddle boards offers a fun way to play on the water, with the added benefit of a full-body workout of water sport.

How to Choose SUP Paddle

How to Choose SUP Paddle: aluminum, carbon fiber or?

Wood, carbon or aluminum, balance your heart. Normal, you are on a SUP, there’s a swell! Short…

SUP paddles of aluminum

stand up paddle paddles the aluminum is in the entry. These are the cheapest SUP paddles, but also heavier, less flexible, and less solid in the long run. Avoid if you have a regular practice.

SUP paddles fiber

The fiber paddles are most common in stand up paddle. Made of fiberglass, these paddles offer the best price/weight possible, are strong enough and pleasant to use on your stand up paddle. Without a doubt the material that suits the majority of practitioners.

Paddle SUP carbon

carbon paddles are expensive but very light. These are the Rolls Stand Up Paddle. Very solid in normal use (ie in the water!) Are however not frankly made to take a pension. A mention if you have a little brother a bit player. Not be necessary either if you do not have the ambition to break a record, to win a race or browse the entire Rhone canal before lunch. After it’s up to you, we can see the guys down jacket The North Face in the subway.

The shape of the blade of your paddle

You can still claim a heart-shaped, not on the manufacturer to follow you in your delusion. In terms of the shape of your paddle Stand Up Paddle, simply to know one thing:

With a finer paddle, you get tired less rowing, but will not have much power.

With a larger paddle, oar will be more challenging but you will have more grip in the water, possibly more speed. Which is quite logical after all.

Recap, if you really have nothing followed

So already you do me 50 lines, then you can go back and adjust your choice of a paddle to your level:

If you are a beginner or an occasional basis, we recommend an aluminum paddle. Not only is it the cheapest but it is also adjustable in size, so you can lend. Not bad for a walk with family on the water.

If you are a regular practitioner, go for a paddle in fiber. A relatively small weight without damaging your wallet, what else?

If you are an intensive practicing Stand Up Paddle, a fiber paddle will seem you may be limited. Turn to the carbon, truly the lightest and most flexible materials, so the less traumatic for your muscles and joints. On intensive use, you feel the difference.