Fcs Mens 9 Red

If you are looking Fcs Mens 9 Red of single fin surfboard. Best Fins in favorite stand up paddle board can play a huge role in your performance on that board. Cheap & Fins for Sale.

Select the aileron system of its inflatable SUP

There are several fins fastening systems on an inflatable SUP. This is a criterion to be considered when choosing his board.

1- glued Fins

The fins are quite flexible plastic and glued directly on the board.

Advantage: very robust; single; no introduction; no adjustment; no risk of losing a wing
Disadvantage: no possibility of changing the fins for more efficient fins; no adjustment; fins tend to deform when fallback have the board ( just heat them with a hair dryer to restore their original form )

2 Fins wedge

Advantage: cheap?
Disadvantage: weak; inefficient.

3- Spoiler slide

Advantage: robust and light; fixing without tools
Disadvantage: no adjustment; little fin choice; the fin can be difficult to set up or remove ( attention to the sand in the slide)

4- Spoiler US

This is the “high end” solution. US housing is the most standard fin attachment system. It is found on sailboards, surfboards typed longboard; most rigid SUP and quality inflatable SUP.

Advantage: the wide choice of fins suitable for each practice (whitewater, race, ride, surf)
Disadvantage: few euros more?

Note: The US housing (such as zip flap) is reserved for the central wing. In this case, if the side fins are available they are usually glued. SUP on some high-end, the side fins are removable with an FCS-type fastening system.