Driftsun Party Barge 15’ Paddle Board Mega iSUP – Large Multi Person Inflatable Paddleboard with 2 Dual Action Hand Pumps

If you are looking Driftsun Party Barge 15’ Paddle Board Mega iSUP – Large Multi Person Inflatable Paddleboard with 2 Dual Action Hand Pumps of Paddle Board Leash. SUP leash or Paddle Board Leash is a crucial part of your stand up paddle boarding set up. The SUP leash connects you to your board and is an extremely important part of your board equipment and my store have more stand up paddle board leashes are perfect for keep you attached to your board all water sport.


The Choice of Surfing Leash

The Choice of Surfing Leash

Choosing the leash length is based on several criteria

– the length of your surfboard and type of shape
– the surfer level
– the type of spot

A leash of X size will match a board measuring between X-1 and X + 1. That is an 8-foot leash correspond to a board of 7 to 9 feet. If you are a beginner, it is better to take a leash bigger than your plate (if I have a 7’8, I take a leash 8 ‘ ) to avoid taking your board in your first pretty face violent return. If you are an experienced surfer, you probably choose a smaller leash to reduce to the max drag your rope walk.

Choose a short leash in the reef spots to avoid trapping it in a coral potato. On a spot, big waves, take a slightly longer leash.

To note:

If you own a longboard or SUP, grab a leash with a tie calf. This prevents tangling feet when likes to walk on his board or be snatch the foot when the board is winning.

Final tips:

– A leash is changed every two years

– To improve its longevity, rinse your leash with clean water after each session

What kind of boards?

The most important is to have a maximum volume. Do not be afraid of that. I am frequently confronted with beginners who ask me shortboards. The goal is still to surf standing on the wave. And above all to have fun. Too often, people just starting choose a small board. Because it is easier to handle on and outside of the water, easier to put in the car, but also for a duck. But in the end, they fail to surf, they do not hold water. While the most board is large, the more it is big and you climb over easily. And a big bulky board, you’ll keep all your life. We are talking about length, width, and thickness. But also a distribution of volumes. We must keep in mind that two boards with the same dimensions do not necessarily have the same volumes. After, you have to evolve gradually to want to grill the steps. Is super long, super slow, ungrateful. We must not get carried away.


The length of the leash of your surfboard must be a maximum of 1.90 m for shortboards, 2.4 m for malibus and 3m for longboards. For better grip on the board, choose a wax, or wax adapted to the water temperature. You can also position a pad on the back of the board.