DaKine Procomp Surfboard Leash – Garnet

If you are looking DaKine Procomp Surfboard Leash – Garnet of Paddle Board Leash. SUP leash or Paddle Board Leash is a crucial part of your stand up paddle boarding set up. The SUP leash connects you to your board and is an extremely important part of your board equipment and my store have more stand up paddle board leashes are perfect for keep you attached to your board all water sport.



HOW DOES A SURFBOARD? : A surfboard is made up of very different elements crafted that ensure maneuverability, stability, and strength according to the uses that are made and the level of technology of each surfer. Here are the important points to remember about the composition of your surfboard.

The outline is the outer line of a surfboard, which gives it its shape. The “shape” of a surfboard is the result of a delicate balance between length, width, position of the “wide point” (the widest point of the board) and the shape of the “tail” ( the rear part of the board).

The width of your board is a decisive parameter in terms of stability and speed. Over the surfboard is wide, it floats better, the more it sees its reduced contact surface: it allows to move quickly and just growing.

Point wide, or mishap beam is where the plate reaches its maximum width.
If placed in the rear half, your board will offer the maneuverability in small waves. If it is in the front half, your board will allow you to focus control in big waves.
The shape of the tail, the back of the board, completes the outline of the board and shall be in accordance with the movement given by the characteristics of its general form.

The thickness of the board shown on the dimensions is the maximum thickness. If you choose important values, you can focus on speed but may result in loss of control while a thin board ensures control and precision.
The rails or edges, the points are precontact between the board and the water. Around thick rail profile allows the board to retain its launch speed.

Choosing the right material

I use the material in good condition, suited to my level and my template.
The board
To start, I chose a sheet of foam initiation. It’s easier and more secure. Then I asked a professional board for high-performance surfing. Warning nose (nose) sharp and too sharp drifts.


The leash:

– The leash connects the board to the surfer, it is essential
– The board always remains within reach of the surfer and plays the role of a lifeline.

Note: The pressure of a wave that takes on the board can be very strong and tender greatly leash. Caution in this case not to catch your hand or fingers in the nodes of the leash or between the leash and the board.

The nose guard: the Plastic cap on edge of the board, protect me and avoid hurting someone a.

The wax: Before going to the water, I apply the wax on top of my board not to slip.
The combination: Even in good weather, I put a combination. It protects me from the cold and gives me better flotation.

Lycra: Even when it is very hot, I put a lycra that protects me from the sun.

Beware of surf leashes

This strap connects the ankle of the back foot surfer to his board. If this system has the advantage of allowing not to lose his board if dropped, however, it can cause injuries of the hand, too often ignored

Indeed, when it falls, sometimes the surfer gets his board by wrapping the leash around his fingers. But the force of the waves can cause large fractures or tear of one or several phalanges.

Show not only that the design of products can be improved but also no information on the risk of the cable winding around the fingers on the packaging or specification of the products.