Captain Fin Co. Christenson Keel Especial Fin Set

If you are looking Captain Fin Co. Christenson Keel Especial Fin Set of twin fin surfboard. Best Fins in favorite stand up paddle board can play a huge role in your performance on that board. Cheap & Fins for Sale.


How to choose your fins

How to choose your fins: Very important since they help you to maneuver, control your board in the waves but also to pick up speed, it is however sometimes a real puzzle to be equipped!

We often have questions that come back on the choice of fins, so we decided, by this article, to direct you a little (but we are of course available to help you)

FCS I, FCS II or Futures?

To begin, it is important to know the model of your boxes (the place where you will insert your fins). Since 2013, with the new arrival of the FCS II system, there are 3 on the market. The one in question, FCS I and Futures.

FCS or FCS I system: Easy to recognize, it is equipped with 2 lateral screws.

FCS II System: This is one of the latest innovations. Farewell screws, you do not need a single tool to disassemble and reassemble your fins! Basically, in the space of 2/3 seconds, you will be able to go from Quad to Thruster editing. Fortunately, you can still use this system, your fins FCS I system with a small accessory. Visually, he recognizes himself very well thanks to his orange ball (which is actually the blocking system).

Futures System: It clings with a single screw in the front.

Single, Twin-tip, Thruster or Quad

Then, you need to know what configuration your board can be equipped with, and which one you need to surf.

The assembly in Single End – Old School (a fin) will be perfect to turn, it will still not be the top in terms of stability. It is a configuration mainly adapted to longboard, where we do not look for speed.

Twin mounting (two fins), is one of the least known configurations! This assembly will be excellent at the level of the edge grip. In general, the boards mounted in Twin are retros fish.

Thruster editing (three fins) is the most used configuration in surfing, especially in Shortboard practice. It will offer you not only speed but with much more stability than twin-tip.

Finally, the Quad assembly (four fins) will give you maximum grip. It will allow you to surf at the top of the wave with maximum speed.