BIC Sport Sup AIR Inflatable Stand up Paddleboard

If you are looking BIC Sport Sup AIR Inflatable Stand up Paddleboard of inflatable standup paddle boards. SUP or inflatable standup paddle boards offers a fun way to play on the water, with the added benefit of a full-body workout of water sport.

Inflatable Sup or Rigid Sup?

Inflatable Sup or Rigid Sup?: An important question to ask when buying a SUP. Rigid inflatable or? We have selected five benchmarks.

Fragility/Shock: Despite what you may think, inflatable Stand Up Paddle are stronger and less fragile than rigid. Indeed, no paddle strokes problem on the rails or small

Stability/strength: Although inflatable SUP is becoming more stable and rigid with the manufacturing technique in “drop stitch” (son mesh polyester or nylon which stiffens the SUP when under pressure) and the layers reinforced PVC canvas, rigid SUP offers more stability.

Sliding performance: Regarding performance, the prize goes to the rigid, as well as the pleasure of skiing is better quality. This is explained because the rigid SUP is made with polystyrene bread that can work forms and “shape” of the nose (front of the board), the tail (back of the board), the rocker, of the hull or rails. Inflatable SUP manufacturing techniques are meanwhile more limited and allow less room to maneuver.

Convenience: In terms of size, the inflatable far outweighs. The board can thus be stored in a car trunk, unlike the rigid which is one of the most cumbersome and difficult to transport boards in the universe of surfing.

Rules: You should know that the level of regulations, the rigid up to 2 miles from a shelter, unlike air which cannot go more than 300 meters.

Price: Inflatable sups are generally slightly cheaper than rigid, you can check it on