Aqua Marina Fusion Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP-515864

If you are looking Aqua Marina Fusion Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP-515864 of inflatable standup paddle boards. SUP or inflatable standup paddle boards offers a fun way to play on the water, with the added benefit of a full-body workout of water sport.

Choosing the Stand Up Paddle

Choosing the Stand Up Paddle

Inflatable or standard?

The inflatable SUPs, even if they are versatile enough, are primarily intended for beginners. Their great thickness and round tail make them very stable and thus more manageable. They are also easily transportable, thanks to their low volume when deflated.

You will be able to take your surfing Paddle during your beach holiday or your outings on lakes such. They do not require special transport structure which makes them extremely convenient, whether you are experienced or a beginner, the inflatable SUPs are an incomparable way to save space and weight!

What form?

Bewak offers several forms of tail: The Pintail, extremely thin, will fully control your Stand Up Paddle on the big waves, very hollow.

The Swallowtail (or Fishtail) wide, will more easily take the speed on flat water, very convenient on the lakes for example. At sea, this type of tail will be more suited to small waves, the tail is too large to control the big waves.

The Round tail has the distinction of being very wide, so it will not crack the wave as a pintail, which is thinner. It will be more suitable for small to medium waves, which are less hollow. This type of tail is néamoins versatile, it adapts very well to the conditions.

What size?

The Stand-Up Paddle longest are generally wider too, and therefore the most stable. They will suit beginners practice for leisure or the trekkers.

The SUPs shorter as surfing, are also often finer and therefore more nervous. To use one, you must already know tame the wave, the risk of being carried away by his power so may endanger your and break the Paddle Board.

For experienced surfers, a SUP short is perfect for a thrill for speed and figures. The SUP Inflatable 12’6 “Race is itself reserved to speed, even if the length to suggest that it is a board for leisure, this thin board will spin the wave at incredible speed.