3D Darkside Carbon Twin-Tab 5.0 Wise Owl Surfboard FIN – SET OF 3PCS

If you are looking 3D Darkside Carbon Twin-Tab 5.0 Wise Owl Surfboard FIN – SET OF 3PCS of twin fin surfboard. Best Fins in favorite stand up paddle board can play a huge role in your performance on that board. Cheap & Fins for Sale.


How to Choose the fins?

How to Choose the fin: Responsible for the majority of surf accidents, the fins are undoubtedly the most important accessory of your board. Equipped with FCS or Future gearboxes, you can change the drift of your board according to your wishes.

First, let’s talk about the number of drifts:

A single corresponds to a board with a single drift, as on your longboard.
A Twin corresponds to two drifts
A Thruster corresponds to … (suspense) … 3 drifts (surprising, is not it?). The thruster is a handy, fast and perfect surf for beginners.
A Quatro is, therefore, a board with 4 drifts that provides a ride even faster, more precise but requires a technical owner and having a good level.
And finally, five ends agree with a board with 5 drifts.

3 factors describe the ability of a drift:

  • The comeback
  • The hook
  • The penetration

Choosing surfboards: How to find one?

The drifts are a very important part of your surfboard. On the one hand, they help you maneuver into a wave, to gain speed and control your surfboard. On the other hand, they are responsible for half of the accidents in surfing.

So here’s a little info on the different criteria and functions of the drifts, to help you choose the right surf drifts.

To begin with, how many drifts on my board?

Before talking about the drifts in themselves, little clarification on the number of drifts for your board and the impact that it will have.

Single fin (adrift): Having a single drift is mainly suited to longboard. With a single drift, you have better support to turn, but it will be less stable than with two other lateral drifts. Additionally, with a single take speed will be less easy.

Twin tip (two drifts): Less and fewer surfers have this number of drift because the twin tip is very unstable. In small waves, the twin tip allows you to have more speed compared to other systems. But you will have difficulty turning when the waves are more hollow.

Thruster (3 drifts): The Thruster is the most used in the world of surfing. This brings the speed of a single end and the acceleration of a twin tip. This mix of the two systems managed to convince the majority of the surfer.

Quads (4 drifts): it brings even more speed than a Thruster but hangs a little less as well. The assembly of your surfboard in a quad allows you to surf at the top of the wave with a lot of speed.

Check your fastening system before choosing

There are several fastening systems for mounting the fins on a board. So before choosing drifts first look at what type of box equips your board.

Basic FCS system: This system with 2 lateral bolts is the most widespread. It was a revolution at its launch and has gradually become the benchmark.

FCS basic system

System FCS II: It is the latest innovation of the company FCS, it makes it possible to dismantle and mount its drifts of surfing without tools, it is super practical if you often transport your material!

Fine Future System: This is the most robust system with only one screw in the front, but the housings are more complicated to install for the shapers.