Bellasol 2 Piece Adjustable (69 inches – 85 inches) Bamboo Carbon Fiber Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Paddle

Bellasol 2 Piece Adjustable (69 inches – 85 inches) Bamboo Carbon Fiber Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Paddle

Bellasol 2 Piece Adjustable (69 inches - 85 inches) Bamboo Carbon Fiber Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Paddle

If you looking sup paddle, I recommend Bellasol 2 Piece Adjustable (69 inches – 85 inches) Bamboo Carbon Fiber Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Paddle. Stand-up paddling is a sport for everyone and easy to learn, there is no doubt about it. Nevertheless, there are mistakes that are particularly common among beginners. So that the fun with the board is maintained over the long term.

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  • DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT PADDLE PROVIDING LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE – Enjoy using the easy to use paddle with your soft top, rigid epoxy, or inflatable paddle boards. This bamboo adjustable carbon fiber paddle glides effortlessly in the water. Carbon fiber 8.5 inch paddle is lightweight but strong and durable so you can paddle longer without fatigue, this results in less chance of repetitive-motion injuries.
  • POPULAR AND CREATIVE DESIGN – Bellasol paddle presents premium artwork on every product. Cruise around in style on the lake or ocean with your friends and family, designed for the beginner and avid paddleboarders. Getting your cardio workout couldnâ€t be more entertaining. This paddle will turn heads at every moment because of the eye-catching design, not only eye-catching but rich in quality. They do not disappoint!
  • ENDLESS FUN FOR FAMILY AND TRAVEL – Bellasol paddles provide excitement at the Family Beach house or Lakehouse because of the design and quality. Grandparents and parents alike rave about being able to teach their children how to use a stand-up paddleboard with this superior paddle. Dogs are great companions on the water as well. The paddle will assist you with your yoga practice on the tranquil waters and promote balance.
  • WATERFRONT HOTELS AND STAND UP PADDLEBOARD (SUP) SCHOOLS – Hotel rental and SUP schools enjoy the endurance that the paddle provides in the freshwater and saltwater. The paddle is adjustable in length and can be used to teach lessons for many different heights. This durable lightweight paddle provides long term use to the user. You can be confident in knowing the paddles have a long life and a stand out design.
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – At Bellasol our mission, is to stand alone as your #1 leader in supplying the best quality crafted Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP). If you are unhappy with your product weâ€ll take it back! We stand by our high-quality products and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

How to choose shape and size paddle blade

  • As with the boards, there are different shapes for different areas of use.
  • Roughly speaking, the larger the paddle, the higher the advance / the smaller the paddle, the less force is required.
  • Wave paddles have special recesses on the paddle blade which allow a higher paddle frequency (the paddle is released from the water faster).
  • Allround paddles are a good compromise. Their size is approx. 7 “- 8”. Children and light people tend to 7 ”. Heavier, however, to 8 “. Most adjustable paddles have an all-round paddle blade.
  • Race paddles are designed for maximum performance in shallow water. Their paddle blade size is up to 9.5 “. especially suitable for strong and heavy paddlers!

Benefit of stand up paddling

Fast success is guaranteed with stand up paddling

  • As already said, stand up paddling is suitable for everyone. It’s also a lot easier than many of the other water sports like wakeboarding or kite surfing.
  • Within half an hour everyone glides over the water as if they had never done anything else. The wonderful thing about stand up paddling is that you can achieve great success in no time. Once you ‘ve mastered standing on the SUP board, the hardest part is done.
  • And don’t worry everyone falls into the water and not just once. We speak from our own experience.

The perfect coping with stress

  • You probably also know that exercise and sport, in general, have a positive effect on your stress level and ensure a balance in your life. But we think that stand up paddling still occupies a special position.
  • In our opinion, the balanced mix of rest, physical activity and closeness to nature makes it much more intense against stress. After just a few minutes on the SUP board you have a smile on your face and you can feel the sun on your skin. For us, just the perfect way to escape everyday stress and be happy.

How to find the right paddle

  • Adjustable paddle: A height-adjustable paddle is very suitable for beginners when different people use aboard, for example, and want to be mobile for people. The length can be easily adjusted using the quick-release fastener. Some paddles can even be broken down into three parts and thus have maximum mobility. Disadvantages of these paddles are the somewhat higher weight due to the design and the somewhat lower rigidity. However, there are reasonable compromise solutions on both points. Depending on the design, water can also penetrate the paddle, for example, and the paddle can sink more easily. The concept of adjustable paddles can (very logically) be combined very well with an inflatable board. Some of them can even be carried in an inflatable backpack!
  • Fixed paddles: Fixed paddles must first be shortened to the correct size. Once shortened, the paddle can no longer be extended. This requires a certain amount of experience. Since these paddles are usually lighter and stiffer, they are preferred for sports. If mobility and flexibility play no role, we recommend the fixed paddle, in case of doubt the adjustable paddle.

Stand up paddling is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular summer sports. Whether old or young, everyone is fascinated by this crazy combination of surfing and canoeing. And the nice thing is that it is not as difficult as it looks. I recommend Bellasol 2 Piece Adjustable (69 inches – 85 inches) Bamboo Carbon Fiber Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Paddle. Stand up paddle board is a sport that everyone can master almost immediately. At least you can learn stand up paddling easily and quickly. Here you will find valuable technical tips for your first SUP trip.