Alloy SUP Paddle – 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles – Floating Paddleboard Paddle with Aluminum Shaft & Nylon Blade – Adventurer Paddleboarding Series

Alloy SUP Paddle – 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles – Floating Paddleboard Paddle with Aluminum Shaft & Nylon Blade – Adventurer Paddleboarding Series

If you looking sup paddle, I recommend Alloy SUP Paddle – 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles – Floating Paddleboard Paddle with Aluminum Shaft & Nylon Blade – Adventurer Paddleboarding Series. Stand-up paddling is a sport for everyone and easy to learn, there is no doubt about it. Nevertheless, there are mistakes that are particularly common among beginners. So that the fun with the board is maintained over the long term.

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  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS, CASUAL PADDLERS & RENTAL SHOPS — There’s nothing quite like paddling on a calm day on the lake or at sea. Whether you’ve just started, a casual paddler or run a rental shop, we’ve got at little “SUPrise” for you. High-quality SUP paddles. These float in sea or fresh water so you can recover it quickly… And paddle faster in case you hear banjos.
  • BUILT TO LAST — How many times you fell in the water your first time? Trust us, you want a paddle thatâ€s gonna take the hits as well as you do. Rental shop owners know regular, daily use can lead to wear and tear in even the best paddles. So, durability is a must. The shaft is crafted using marine-grade aluminum, balancing weight evenly for unbeatable strength. The blade is made of nylon, which is handy for paddling through floating debris, seaweed, and even sharks. Well, maybe not sharks…
  • ADVENTURERS, ASSEMBLE — This 3-piece paddle is easy to adjust to your desired height. The sturdy tube allows quick adjustments for paddlers 4’8″ (1.44m) tall and above. Weighing at approximately 2 lbs & 2 oz (just under 1Kg), this paddle might not be the lightest but it is made to take a beating. Break it down in seconds so you can travel with it to your next SUP adventure.
  • ROAD (AND WATER) TESTED — You’ve finally charted your vacation where fun in the sun never seems to end. Worried you can’t bring these on your big paddling adventures? Fret not. Disassembling the 3-piece SUP paddle is a breeze. Traveling by air? You won’t need that ‘FRAGILE’ sticker the nice ticket agent offered. You can place this bad boy in the trunk for those unexpected paddling sessions, too! *High-five*
  • OUR PROMISE — Stand up paddleboarding is part of our lifestyle and our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality paddles to budding & casual paddlers. These SUP Supply Paddle has a 12-month complete replacement guarantee with us, so you’re shopping with confidence.

How to choose shape and size paddle blade

  • As with the boards, there are different shapes for different areas of use.
  • Roughly speaking, the larger the paddle, the higher the advance / the smaller the paddle, the less force is required.
  • Wave paddles have special recesses on the paddle blade which allow a higher paddle frequency (the paddle is released from the water faster).
  • Allround paddles are a good compromise. Their size is approx. 7 “- 8”. Children and light people tend to 7 ”. Heavier, however, to 8 “. Most adjustable paddles have an all-round paddle blade.
  • Race paddles are designed for maximum performance in shallow water. Their paddle blade size is up to 9.5 “. especially suitable for strong and heavy paddlers!

Benefit of stand up paddling

The ideal full-body workout for your six-pack

  • Maybe you’re not a super athlete when you start to stand up paddling. But we can promise you one thing exactly. If you regularly find the time to grab your SUP board and take a lap on the lake, you will soon notice how the athlete awakens in you.
  • Stand up paddling addresses almost all of the muscles in your body. Your legs balance small waves. The middle of your body stabilizes you and gives you enough support to paddle. And your torso and arms go through a comprehensive movement cycle with different stress levels with each paddle stroke.
  • In short, stand up paddling is the perfect whole body workout. It has a positive effect on your posture and also improves your condition.

Everyone will find their own SUP style

  • There are now so many different types or variants of stand up paddling that there is something for everyone. We therefore recommend everyone try each variant at least once to find their style.
  • The best-known variants of stand up paddling are SUP yoga, SUP fitness, SUP racing, surfing with paddles, hydrofoiling, river surfing and of course the popular shallow water paddling. You can also swing alone, as a couple, with the whole family or of course simply with friends on the SUP board and spend a great time on the water.

Always a little adventure in nature

  • Even if you should smile now, every SUP tour is a little adventure in itself. Just imagine how you stand on the board, armed only with a paddle and making your way through small, rustic rivers.
  • You are in the heart of nature and experience things that every hiker can only dream of. With your own SUP board you will experience a completely new perspective. Start and embark on an adventure.

The SUP paddle guide

  • Alu SUP paddle

Most beginners experience the first paddle attempts with an aluminum paddle. Aluminum paddles are sturdy and cheap, but much heavier than carbon or fiberglass paddles. The paddle blade is made of plastic and the shaft of aluminum. Aluminum paddles are all-round paddles and prove their worth when the whole family uses an entry-level set, for example.
Due to their robustness, aluminum paddles are also used for river SUPs, for example.

  • Fiberglass paddle

Fiberglass paddles are in the middle price segment and are much lighter than aluminum paddles. They are not as sensitive to damage as carbon paddles and are very suitable for beginners and advanced climbers.

  • Carbon paddle

Carbon paddles are the most expensive paddles, but they have many advantages. The biggest advantage is the weight. Carbon paddles are very light and this pays off especially on longer tours, where the aluminum paddle already provides for heavy arms. Carbon paddles are unfortunately a bit sensitive, so you should be especially careful with stones and never use the paddle to “brake” on the bank.

Stand up paddling is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular summer sports. Whether old or young, everyone is fascinated by this crazy combination of surfing and canoeing. And the nice thing is that it is not as difficult as it looks. I recommend Alloy SUP Paddle – 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles – Floating Paddleboard Paddle with Aluminum Shaft & Nylon Blade – Adventurer Paddleboarding Series. Stand up paddle board is a sport that everyone can master almost immediately. At least you can learn stand up paddling easily and quickly. Here you will find valuable technical tips for your first SUP trip.